Inspiration : Seeing the scarcity and shortage of water in especially some parts of the country in which you live is always an inspiration for us to contribute in this issue to solve and break it down in the smallest of pieces possible.

What it does : Most importantly, it cuts down the amount of water wastage. And we can obtain all the data of the water used per person and therefore a good management of water saving can take place.

How we built it : We just ran down the list of all the problems regarding the water management especially in India.

The major one is obviously the water wastage issue. So we thought of building something which can cut down the amount of water waste in our country. So we built this thing just in order to keep a track of the water usage per person so that each and every individual remains conscious about it.

Challenges we ran into : There were many challenges that we ran into during working on this problem. The main ones were build something that could give a unique id to each and every user of this. Challenges like how the data will be fed directly to the site were also included.

what accomplishments are you proud of: Yes, finally , its always a proud feeling when you are done with something that is going to help save water. We are very much proud of it.

What we learned : There were many things that we learned here in the span of 36 hours. You always get to learn something when you attend a hack - a - thon. The most important thing learnt was the approach one makes to solve a problem and how to overcome all the challenges faced during finding an appropriate solution to the problem

What's next for wsaver :Our next aim for the wsaver project is to convert it into a market - ready product with some modifications which can make it more better if needed.

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