After reading about racist predictive policing algorithms, we wanted to do research on our own about the reason behind it. There are many socioeconomic factors at play, but they ultimately don't change the statistics.

What it does

On the webpage, you can read about statistics of incarceration based on sex and race, as well as read about stories from individuals that have been wrongfully incarcerated.

Challenges we ran into

Our javascript initially didn't work, prompting us to scrap the whole user interactivity idea and focus on the content of the webpage. Luckily, we were able to fix it after some trial and error with radio buttons.

What's next for Wrongful Incarceration and Statistics

We may continue adding more stories, especially from people of color as they are brought to light. It would also be interesting to add options for those who are non-binary, genderqueer, transgender, agender, etc. as more statistics show up with time.

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