Inspiration comes from old games like Doom, Hexen, System Shock... and another ones like Xibalba on Oculus Rift, but looking for a different and more paused gameplay that works in VR, that do not stress the player. There's lots of big pixels and sprites 2D, and no real monsters to kill.

What it does

Hope it turns in a fun and inmmerse experience

How I built it

the game is designed to play standing up using a blutooth gamepad to walk/strafe and shoot, using our head/body to rotate around the world. I think this the most inmersive way to to take advantage of the wireless experience we have in mobile VR.

I'm considering include an alternative control using only our head to active walking/stop and the cardboard trigger to shoot, but i'm not sure yet if it will works so good

Challenges I ran into

Keep a 60 fps framerate is always hard developing cardboard games, and develop some more challenging puzzles.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

i think the game looks more like an old pc game played in VR than a cardboard game

What I learned

i'm an autodidact developer so i'm learning things about Unity and development in general almost everyday and that's exciting

What's next for Wrong Voyage

Add new content to the game (1 hour gameplay at least) and get the most possible inmersive experience in Google Cardboard

I'm considering to make a more polished version of the game for Vive/Oculus using motion controllers (if i get ones). It would be so fun...

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posted an update

  • added some destructible objects in first level

  • Fixed some bugs

This is the final version submmited to the Jam.

i'd like to implement a savepoint system and i have some new levels in mind but i'm running out of time.

After last weeks i feel tired but i have to say it was a lot of fun doing this.

Thanks and good luck to every participants!!!

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