Differing from common learning websites and applications, we wanted something more that could address immediate pressing problems. Living in harsh conditions, students are more likely to dropout and work in order to support their families, rather than study. Therefore, we introduce Smart Book, which contains 3 main sections: resources,education and blank pages. Students are to fill up the blank pages with their own stories; after learning how to write and read from the education sections in Smart Book. We then compile their stories to be published, for fund raising. All funds will then be given to the students who wrote it

What it does

It not only helps students to learn in a more fun and interactive manner, Smart Book opens up the possibility for a career in writing while also bringing the stories these students have to share with the rest of the world. Smart Book is able to improve and sustain lives by meeting current needs, rather than asking students to picture and wait for 10 years for their education to pay back. Smart Book gives them the ability to learn, write, share , fund raise and build independence and career

How I built it

We implemented Smart Book virtually with a website where volunteers, educators, and students can register and log into. The website is a platform to connect volunteers and educators. It contains places for them to view the education and resource pages and write their own stories to be published online

Challenges I ran into

When we found out about this event, we only had 2 days to come out with ideas, the website, and the presentation. While time plays a large role, we also have problems with resources. We also faced problems trying to come out with an idea that is sustainable and covers all issues in literacy. Due to time constraint, here are some of the software limitations:

-Have not implemented page for viewing resources -The Gallery page is not finished. The original plan is to use Bootstrap carousel to display the different stories written by students. -Have not implemented the feature for students to view/edit their previous story written -Have not implemented the page for volunteers to upload resources and edit stories written by students. -The Registration and Sign In pages are not fully implemented yet. The website does not validate the username or password entered by the user.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to learn and get the whole website and idea running. We really wanted it to address the different sub-issues on literacy, and we believe our website has done just that

What I learned

I learn to utilize different tools and technologies to build the website, working as a team and also thinking about problems in a different perspective

What's next for Write for Africa

We plan to upgrade and address all the software limitations, get a domain, and get going!

-Please view our complete PowerPoint presentation attached to see what we have planned next!

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