Technology has enabled humans to become much more efficient in managing daily tasks. For example, automated systems have freed automobile assemblers from many repetitive steps of putting together every little detail of a car, everyday. Technology has greatly aided humans in large tedious tasks such as assembling cars; nevertheless, there exists smaller mundane tasks that people still have to deal with everyday, yet computers have not been able to assist with, such as doing laundry. With that in mind, our group aspired to create a Pebble-Smartwatch app that will aid users in doing laundry, streamlining an otherwise irksome and demanding process.

How it works

The user initiates, controls, and pays for the chosen washers and/or dryers' operations from his or her Pebble-Smartwatch.

Challenges I ran into

Utilizing multiple APIs in an interconnected way such that they created a responsive back-end system. Designing a smooth user experience for the Pebble-Smartwatch's screen that creates optimal user interaction without creating a heavy mental model.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making multiple APIs able to push and pull information from each other. Giving Pebble-Smartwatch the ability to control Whirlpool washers and dryers as well as giving it the ability to make payment to the laundromat's Braintree account.

What I learned

We worked multiple new technologies including Whirlpool API, Postman Chrome extension, Braintree API, and the Pebble.js Beta.

What's next for WristWash

Pebble is currently planning on shipping the newest version of their smart watch in May. At this point in time we would like to utilize the technology in the new watches to incorporate push notifications and utilize and the additional features that are coming with the new hardware..

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