Koalas, The US Military, Wall-E, The Children, smart "watches"

What it does

Grabs an arm and actuates up and down

How we built it

Arduino + motor controller + servos + wheels + some string and k'nex

Challenges we ran into

Never receiving the laser-cut body, lack k'nex variety, lack of flat hinges

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Flattening a hinge with a vice, creative use of parts in lieu of the appropriate choices

What we learned

K'nex are useful, Adafruit motor controllers are easy to use

What's next for WristBot | Smart

Adding more wheels for improved grip, send commands wirelessly, proposal for DOD grant, replace hastily-cut MDF with laser-cut material

Built With

  • arduino
  • k'nex
  • mdf
  • motor-controller
  • plastic-box-hinge
  • servo
  • super-glue
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