One of our group mates got flight delay and gate change at the foreign airport and she got confused and felt helpless. She was desperate and hoped for a change of the existing flight information announcement in a more passenger-tailor-made devices so they can receive the instant and fast alert messages.

And what so close is the "watch" as they put on the watch and they can get the primary information from the airport directly!

What it does:

The Wristband is a smart wearable to increase the efficiency of check-in and onboarding for Airberlin and passengers as well. There are 4 main functions for the travelers: flight information, Delivery, Alert messages and Navigation. Flight information contains the overall on boarding information and the users can simply click on that icon and have the clear information of flight number, onboarding time and the gate number.

Delivery is to facilitate the shopping experience as their are Airberlin delivery staff to deliver the goods to the passengers at the gate before onboarding. Alert Message is to save those flight announcement and instant flight change messages so the passengers can refer to the messages at anytime. Navigation is a self-help function which directs the passengers to their respective gate. They can follow the navigation instructions to get to the right gate. These four functions aim at releasing travelers’ stress level, raise their attention to gate entering and flight delay/changes, increase the airport onboarding efficiency, as well as increase their satisfaction at the overall airport stay.

How we built it:

  1. We need a smart device that has positioning by iBeacon, in order to provide the passengers with navigation information.
  2. Flight information is input to the Wristband by NFC, together with a passenger ID. The passenger ID leads to passenger information when he/she checks in
  3. The Wristband receives wifi push messages when there is an alert message and boarding reminder
  4. Wristband can show QR code for passengers to view online shopping pages, or more detailed information like airport map
  5. Shops have transmitters to push promotion messages to the Wristband

Challenges we ran into:

With the tight schedule and the selection of watch, we encountered some obstacles in the prototype development. There are some testing between the connection and the watch.

Moreover, we had many discussion over the gamification and the main function - flight information. We need to get in a more focused functionality and work on it in depth instead of adding many more different fancy gaming functions.


We get to know the importance of setting goals – they hold us accountable, and tell us what we truly want. We managed to accomplish the goal that we set at the very beginning and submit the prototype video before the deadline. That’s the way to gain victory. Even we lost in this contest , we felt we had achieved what we promised to deliver in the first place. This is a gain , not a loss.

What we learnt

From some result online, people don’t shop at the airport because they get lost in the airport maze. Therefore, we realized that we should help them with a simple navigation.

We watched some inspirational videos of creative app development, as well as some inventive functionality creation for some competitions. They focused on one single feature and it was a great success. We tried to stand out from specializing one big feature and add on some bonus features as a whole. We learnt to give up other ideas and chose the best out of the best. This is a tough and painful decision as we all want to gather all features and combine them in one single wearable. At the end, we need to leverage and pick the most useful functional to attain the goal of this competition.

What’s next for the Wristband

The coming development on the Wristband is to further enhance the existing features , for example, a more sophisticated functionality on the navigation. If the passengers’ current location can be detected and directed with photos nearby in the watch, this is a great leap forward. Moreover, what makes a further improvement is to add the gamification element in this Wristwatch so that the passengers can make use of the watch to have a more interactive activity at the airport and the shop vendors. This can greatly promote the airport sales as well as the airport image.

Going forward, digital footprint will be our focus. We can record the passenger activities through the usage of the Wristband at the airport and provides Airberlin with better marketing campaign with the help of big data.

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