Inspiration: We wanted to enhance the shopping experience for people with for example milk allergy. A team member told how hard it can be to see which products contains milk and which products that does not. These products' wrappings can even look like each other - making it even harder.

What it does: By adding preferences via an app, a user can use the bracelet to scan price tags with RFID tags. By swiping his/her hand over the price tags, the bracelet will buzz if the user encounters products containing milk - and the user can quickly go on to look at other products, instead of reading the ingredients list.

How we built it: We had a risk first approach, with fast iterations, so that we quickly could decide if our idea would work. We did this by making small prototypes fast after we agreed on the concept.

Challenges we ran into: Security, https (CORS)

Accomplishments that we're proud of: the Mitt.

What we learned: Working with electronics, and wearable project.

What's next for Wrist Nutritionist: Working on the form factor

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