Grocery shopping for your family is now easier thanks to Wrist List. If your shopping list is written on a piece of paper it can easily be forgotten or lost. Wrist List is never more than an arm's length away.

Simplicity A simple intuitive interface makes it quick and easy to add items to your shopping list. The pantry stores items you have shopped for in the past to make it easier to add them in the future.

Auto renew Items that you buy frequently can be setup to renew on a regular basis. You can set the exact interval down to the day.

Life in the cloud With cloud sync everyone in the family can help with the shopping. As a family member needs an item they can add it to the list. All devices will then have access to the newly added item.

The shopping experience When you are out shopping you can use your smart watch to view your list. No need to dig around for your phone to see what you need to buy. Keep your hands free to shop. Easily remove items as you buy they with a simple swipe.

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