We wanted to help co-workers get more connected organically and meaningfully by simply recording their accomplishments, interests, and issues in the tools they use every day

What it does

This app has a web app and a Slack app that allow developers to submit status updates. Those statuses are parsed into tags through natural language processing. The users and tags are run through a machine learning model in order to generate recommendations for connecting with other developers.In the web app you can view the accomplishments and recommendations.

How we built it

Worked hard and got a very small amount of sleep.

Challenges we ran into

  • Bolt(Slack app) has documentation that is very spread out.
  • Amazon Alexa apps now have a processing period before they can be gotten from the store.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a working product that we're proud of! Each team member contributed a ton in very different essential aspects of the final product.

What we learned

Having a robust Jenkins pipeline was a lifesaver. Lots of data points are hard to calculate (Math is hard)

What's next for wrex

Hopefully a first place trophy and enterprise-wide adoption! This could even be plugged in to AI services such as, connected devices, and numerous other integrations.

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