Shopping, revolutionized.

After we watched Ralph Breaks the Internet last year, we fell in love with the vibrant, colorful ecosystem that the animators had crafted. We think it perfectly represents the dynamic energy of the Internet and its industries, specifically online commerce, which is growing stronger every day. Using the eBay Developer Program's powerful APIs, we were able to recreate the Internet world of Wreck-It Ralph, fully populated with products from the eBay community. Moreover, by integrating Leap Motion computer vision controls, we were able to eliminate the need for a keyboard or mouse, making the shopping experience even easier. We hope you enjoy this fun combination of animation and hardware as you look for your next favorite purchase!

Built using modern technologies.

Wreck-It Retail is a Node.js-based web application hosted on Heroku, so it is mainly written in JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Notable modules include three.js and tween.js for in-browser 3D animation. The "booths" in the virtual marketplace were modeled from scratch in Maya, and the application automatically generates them based on item search results. They are populated with data retrieved using the eBay Developer Program's APIs.

Another huge component of the application is its use of hardware to make the eBay experience smoother and more accessible. It uses a Leap Motion controller to let users navigate the marketplace and make bids with simple swipe gestures. We use leapjs for web integration.

The future of Wreck-It Retail...

Not only is this application designed to make you feel delight, it is also designed to improve the productivity and "eagerness-to-shop" of eBay's customers:

  • Shopping at home becomes easier, as you can swipe through the entire eBay catalog on your television from the comfort of your sofa without needing a mouse or keyboard
  • Retailers that work with eBay can set up instances of this application for their customers, giving them easy access to the eBay community (potential future of the eBay "Always Open" program)
  • Wreck-It Retail improves accessibility for users who have trouble with traditional input devices, like mouses

We are excited to continue working on Wreck-It Retail and adding features, including posting things for sale and adding items to the user's watchlist.

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