WRC-ISATMS or WRC Issuance, Storage and Trading Management System is a proof of concept app that aims to solve the water scarcity problem faced by the world 's people in large industrial establishments, urban societies, civic bodies, communities, and agriculture.

To test the app kindly visit, wrc-isatms.glitch.me. You are requested to wait a few seconds for the app to load. Alternately, you can download the github repository and run it locally. You should see the intro screen. When you click on the name box, you will reach the home screen. The app has 4 modules, namely, admin, issuance, storage, and trading. You can visit a module by clicking on the module box. The home screen and the module screens have a back button that will take you to the previous screen. The admin module is the most important module of the app. It has 3 sections, metering & data capture, management portal, & reporting & analytics. In the 1st section, you have 2 options to enter data. If you want to enter a preloaded data set (ind1a,b-3a,b), please enter 1. If you want to enter data from your computer, please enter 2. In subsection for opt. 1, you need to enter a number in the range 1-3 to specify which preloaded data set you want to load. Alternately, you can enter c to use an app generated custom data set. If you have entered 2, you need to go to the subsection for opt. 2. Here, you can select the files (one for meter a and one for meter b) from your machine. After you have loaded data, you need to go to the management portal. Please enter the price of a single wrc in usd, for instance, 1000. Please enter a % reuse target, for instance, 30, the no. of 1rc's the corporation has to earn, for instance, 1. You will see a button for clearing the blockchain storage that you don't need to press now. If you press this button, all data stored in the blockchains will get cleared. In the 3rd section, you will find the process data ... button. Please press the button and wait a few seconds, if required. When processing is finished, you will get the complete report containing vol a, vol b, vol b clean, % wastewater reuse, no. of wrc's earned, whether the organization has surpassed, met or failed to meet the % reuse target and the wrc target. The data will be saved in 5 blockchains, one for meter a data, meter b data, regulator set target (no. of wrc's), and wrc price. Next, you can go back to the home screen and then go to the issuance module. If the organization has earned any wrc, here that wrc can be downloaded in pdf format by entering the no. of the wrc. The pdf contains the wrc no. and the date and time of issue. The downloaded certificate can then be sent to the organization by email or a print out of it can be collected from the regulator's office or the service provider hired by the regulator for issuing the wrc's. You can go back to the home screen now. Please visit the storage module to view the five public blockchains. You can view any blockchain by pressing the right button, and it will be displayed below. Please go back to the home screen again. Our next stop is the trading module. In this module, you can get trade data. If an organization has surpassed the no. of wrc's target it can sell the excess wrc's. The data will also display the amount that it will receive if it sells the excess wrc's. On the other hand, if it has not met the target, it needs to buy the no. of wrc's equal to the difference. In that case, the amount required will be displayed. The start trade button will take you to the corporate online sbi site where the transaction can be processed.

The app has a clean and distraction-free user interface. Care has been taken not to bombard users with unnecessary information. Quicksand font has been used in the app. Screen transitions are smooth and ensure a comfortable viewing experience. The app has been tested extensively using large industries and industrial parks data and also app generated custom data.

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