This is a web-based trip management service, aiming to help those who are suffering from arranging trip spots. Thanks to all the members.

1.Project Member

  • Yun Yue
  • Nathan Hsu
  • Alvin Chien
  • Yao Chun Hsieh

2.Project Motivation

Have you ever plan a trip on your own? After having a plenty of spots on your must-go list, now you have to make a good arrangement of them. Coming up with an appropriate schedule kills a person; a couple may even have several arguments before everything settled. First of all, spot information, transport information, trip routes and other details are often documented in text. It takes a person a lot copy/past manipulations to rearrange spots. Second, information may be stored in different type of files, such as having details in doc extension and having routes in google map application. All these issues make the trip a terrible start. For these reasons, we want to create a survice that makes trip arrangement more easily.

3.Project Description

The project is built using HTML, Javascript and Google Map API. The funtionality is described in [Funtionality] section. Currently, it is just a prototype, supporting only trip plan within 2 days. The schematic view of our application is as follows:

Image of Prototype


  • Add trip spots into Day1 List / Day2 List
  • Rearrange spot by dragging between spots
  • Show daily route
  • Generate transport information using provided spot address automatically

5.Future Work

  • improve user interface
  • available for longer trip planning
  • add user identification
  • support multiple transport selection
  • add spot recommendation
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