The inspiration behind this application is so locals and tourists alike can search for the most popular club/bars in the area. Often, in major cities, people are faced with a large selection of places to visit however the aim of this application is to show the user which clubs have the most activity via social media. This helps narrow down the search of what could possibly be the hottest club/bar in town.

Application was built using react-native on the front-end and dotnet for the back-end. We ran into some difficulties with implementing the social media algorithm and still abiding with license agreements with storing data (Google). The social media algorithm was difficult due to lack of experience in our natural language processing. Twitter Insight (IBM) was able to aid us in the algorithm creation process. We are now looking into storing Google's data, for performance reasons, as their license agreement allows a 30 day cache. We are exploring different database structures to help further performance and insure accuracy.

This project allowed us to learn about geo-location, natural language processing, the power of integrating different APIs, and lastly, the importance of social media in showcasing the popularity of these clubs.

Future functionality: safe, fully functional login system uber integration to deter drinking and driving feature to allow clubs to utilize the application to market themselves also allow those same clubs to create a profile and showcase their inventory (drink menu, etc)

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