After working with several clients who were running membership sites with WordPress and managing their contacts and sales with Infusionsoft, we realized that the current offerings in the marketplace just weren’t cutting it. The biggest problem we found was that most Infusionsoft/WordPress integration plugins made constant calls to the Infusionsoft API, multiple times per page load, which slowed down the user experience significantly.

We decided to craft a new plugin from the ground up that took a different approach. When you first install WP Fusion, it scans your current list of registered WordPress users and matches those users up to contacts in your Infusionsoft application. It then imports the user’s Contact ID and any tags applied to that user. Many of our clients wanted the ability to lock certain site contact based on a user’s Infusionsoft tags, and right away we’d made that process incredibly faster and simpler. We integrated a lot of features directly into the WordPress admin to allow locking pages based on tags, with the ability to redirect users to custom error pages or up-sell pages if they didn’t have the necessary permissions.

With such a solid framework to build on, we then began to add many more features based on our clients requests. The list is growing every day, but as it currently stands, WP Fusion can:

  • Create new contacts in Infusionsoft when users register on the WordPress site, with the ability to filter contact creation by user role, and apply any number of tags to the newly created contact records.
  • Configure field mapping between any WordPress user meta data and fields (including custom fields) in a client’s Infusionsoft application.
  • Push changes to a user’s profile to Infusionsoft when they update their contact information or other meta data.
  • Using an Infusionsoft HTTP POST action, WP Fusion can automatically update a contact record when changes are made within Infusionsoft.
  • Create new Infusionsoft custom fields directly within the plugin to support synchronizing custom user meta that doesn’t already have an applicable field in Infusionsoft.
  • Apply tags to users on certain events: such as when a user visits a specific post or page, or purchases a product through WooCommerce (other ecommerce support coming soon).
  • Apply tags to users after a delay, such as when a user has spent more than 20 seconds watching a video or viewing a page.
  • Ability to show or hide portions of page content based on a user’s Infusionsoft tags, using a simple shortcode syntax.

Previously, customers who wanted to integrate Infusionsoft with their WordPress websites were limited to either using embedded Infusionsoft registration forms (which gave WordPress no knowledge of whether a user existed in Infusionsoft), or using complex member solutions such as iMember360, MemberPress, Paid Memberships Pro, WiSP, or others— which came with high price tags and many include Infusionsoft integration as an afterthought. With WP Fusion, you can use your ecommerce platform of choice to handle your sales, let Infusionsoft does what it does best in managing your contacts, and use that data in near-limitless ways on your WordPress site.

We've also written the plugin from a developers perspective with all functions and methods globally accessible through a simple series of documented function calls. Developers can use WP Fusion on their client sites to build an experience that is custom-tailored and personalized for every customer, keeping the customer on the WordPress site through all stages of the sales process, instead of bouncing them around through several different services and systems.

We’re very excited about what WP Fusion can do for Infusionsoft customers, and we hope you are too!

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