We met the Square team in WordCamp Europe 2022, and they gave us a demo of the Cash APP API and what it can do for users who use the Square payment gateway.

After researching the API’s ability and test cases, we integrated the Cash APP API with WP EasyPay to accept web payments on the WordPress platform.

What it does

This integration allows users to send payments using the Cash APP payment gateway. The process is relatively simple and easy to understand.

Website owners using WP EasyPay create payment forms that can be displayed on any page or post using a shortcode. The end-user fills out the payment forms and details and selects Cash APP as their payment gateway. The user can then scan the QR code and pay the amount.

How we built it

After much research on the Cash APP and how it simplifies the payment process for any user, we decided to introduce the Cash APP API integration in WP EasyPay. We integrated the Cash APP API through web payments SDK into WordPress.

Challenges we ran into

Cash APP's application and use cases were convincing enough to build an integration for WP EasyPay. The challenge was setting up the Cash APP integration and documenting the process.

Fortunately, the process of involving all platforms (WordPress and Cash APP) ran smoothly, and the user documentation is as simple as they come. The process is smooth and easy to understand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

WP EasyPay has 3,000+ users, all of which primarily use the Square payment gateway to accept payments from across the globe. Since the technology works on the WordPress platform, we hope to introduce our integration to users and promote Cash APP while opening our gates to 40 million+ Cash APP users.

What we learned

The process of learning is fun and rewarding. The purpose of this integration was to empower our technology with another payment gateway. Cash APP sounds like any other payment gateway, but it’s quite the opposite. Scanning the QR code instead of a credit card helps bring a new meaning to “instant payments.”

The contactless and cardless payment method will eliminate the necessity to carry credit cards or their information making Cash APP a must-have application for eCommerce businesses.

What's next for WP Easy Pay

Our mission for WP EasyPay is to help merchants and SMBs use WP EasyPay to process credit card payments on their eCommerce websites. We are expanding to new industries and territories.

Our roadmap includes planning WP EasyPay’s integrations with Bookings API, terminal API, and loyal API.

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