We believe that “Content” publishing and distribution should be “Personal” and “Relevant”

What it does:

We’ve developed processes and algorithm to predict “Individual Interests” and match those interests with relevant content sources.

How we built it:

We have developed a clever .net web-based dashboard for content-publishers to add and categorize their content sources (text article, images, video, social media timelines…), we then publish their created content stream automatically on 4 native app platforms: iTunes, Google Play, Windows Store and HTML 5 (web view).

Challenges we ran into

One major problem, we have face with complex multi-pass data mining algorithms is performance problems when processing large data sets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are mostly proud to serve 3000 beta users everyday to discover their interest in a open and free environment!

What's next for WP.CREO

Publish our source codes on GitHub to inspire more developers to join our quest to set "personalization!" FREE for all!

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