A picture is worth a thousand words, a video even more. Sometimes you want to be able show what a product does in a few seconds as it helps covey its meaning and essence more effectively then a simple description.

What it does

It is and Online video generator helping the user to put pictures, text, and music together generating a short video. We are mostly aiming toward new developer since we made it extremely user friendly so they can demo their projects , and also the target audience can be diverse since we incorporate several API such a language translator and more.....

How we built it

we used angular, nodejs and we deployed it on azure

Challenges we ran into

continuous deployment was a new concept to the whole team

Accomplishments that we're proud of

it worked

What we learned

we got comfortable implementing more API from microsoft, and deploying in Azure

What's next for WowVid

We hope developers will take advantage of it to demo their projects

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Built With

  • angular.js
  • azure
  • microsoft-bing-check
  • microsoft-bing-search-api
  • microsoft-bing-spell-check
  • microsoft-translator-api
  • node.js
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