The most used app in everyone's productive life, yet most under-evolved product is To-Do app. Even today where the phones have become smarter, but to-do apps are still struck in stone-age, where user has to enter everything manually. To update to-do apps to modern-age, I built this app.

What it does

WowNote is simply a online todo tool + with the use of trnql sensor data it become the most intelligent todo app which could remind you to 'Book a Uber cab' few minutes before when you are in office and it would start to rain. Thus helping you to get a cab when the demand is low(Thus lower the peak pricing by Uber).

This is just one single example. You can place around with events that should be triggered when certain events happen. Like if its about to rain, it would remind you to cover the sunroof, if you have made setup for it.

How I built it

I made use of these softwares to build this app:

  1. Android
  2. trnql sdk
  3. Android Studio
  4. Parse and many more.

Challenges I ran into

There we very less challenges I could hardly remember as trnql-sdk made my work much easier.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I built an awesome context aware app within two days using trnql-sdk, which is a matter of pride for me. Could not have finished this dream app without trnql. Thanks trnql team. You share this pride.

What I learned

I learnt to make quick decisions, as I started very late for this contest I had to work continuously and yet focused to finish this app. I learnt to keep calm, lower my head and work. In a line, I learnt to staying focused.

What's next for WowNote

With proper funding and backing, I would like to improve this app with the help of my team to scale and to stand as a best app for corporate people. With add more intelligence to this app, we could make it a platform that could automatically book a cab to you when you are in office and Uber Taxi peaking pricing is just about to go high.


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