In reverence to the memory of the king-of-alcoholized-ideas, the overlord of sensible ridiculousness, the creative and comedic genius, his holiness Sir Sri Douglas Adams, we bring to life a shadow of one of his immortal creations and unleash it on the unsuspecting world.

Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged was birthed in the pages of the seminal sci-fi, 'The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy'. An immortal being who can travel through space and time, Wowbagger has a single reason for his immortal existence - to insult every single being that has ever existed in this universe. And now, he is here, in part, on earth.

In his contemptuous evaluation of Earth's potential to take insult, Wowbagger has incarnated as a Reddit Bot with one sole mission - to insult every redditor once and never interact with them again.

No hard feelings.

Wowbagger is just an example application of our broader offering - Insults As A Service (IaaS). Insults as a Service is envisioned to provide an easy API interface which allows you to build autonomous agents for expressing your dissatisfaction in an elegant way. As people, we are all susceptible to strong feeling of the unloving kind. We envision a world where no one is at a loss of words to fully express themselves. With the (distant) goal of providing personalized custom insults at your fingertips, IaaS is

Wowbagger works in the following way: The currently rising posts are scanned by Wowbagger and the comments of the most active n users are collected. We run sentiment analysis over the different comments and determine the most negative comment from our consideration set.

Once the most negative comment is selected we validate that this would be the first (and only) interaction with the user, and the same thread is not being spammed continuously. This is done by querying a database hosted on firebase. Once the comment, user and thread are selected, a pre-built back end insult generator is called and scraped.

Once we have both the insult and the target, we save the target details in the database and post the reply to the comment. Wowbagger then goes to sleep for 15 minutes before waking and continuing his life purpose.

Our target audience for this app are the fans of Douglas Adams and "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy". As people who were inspired by his writing and creativity, we find immense happiness in being able to bring a part of his creation to the real world and seeing it be true (as much as possible) to its literary counterpart. While certainly raunchy and colorful, the bot has generated a lot of laughter and garnered interest in the works of Douglas Adams, which is what we want.

I guess we're most proud of the sentiment analysis and selection being done for picking the comments to reply to. As the application shows, even with little intelligence we get surprisingly apt results.

The immediate further work would be to incorporate a smarter way of selecting the targets and following the alphabetical constraint that the real Wowbagger did. In the future we envision delivering personalized results depending on contextual and target data, being able to expand and make a smarter backend generator, and be able to provide an easy to integrate interface for anyone to use.

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