Inspiration_ This came from the experience of being young developers having a difficult time understanding and improving our coding skills as standalone developers. In addition from spending long ours of net surfing for a specific line of code.

What it does_ WOW improve coding skills of developers by connecting all the developers on earth to be connected in one platform, one click away. This help improve debugging procedures and help connect young developers with big giant developers in a live chat room across the world.

How we built it_ The idea came about as the categories triggered how to make life easier for developers and to connect programmers. It was build with back-end dash bored that have firebase and Github. A web based application on the front end with javascript, php and angular.js.

Challenges we ran into_ Major challenges were training the AI to understand programming challenges. We managed to get it to work but with static responses. This development is still in progress. Another was that WOW was aimed to become a plugin for existing IDE such Android Studio, X-Code and Visual Studio but we ran into an implementation problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of_ The Botsify message Bot and Facebook login. The quick response from developers across the world. The implementation of the dashboard with Github and Firebase.

What we learned_ Working as a team. How to implement an AI system within a web application and also approaching certain problems in terms of programming concepts.

What's next for WOW_ How to implement it as a plugin within the different IDEs.

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