We were inspired from the ideas of Surprise Destination workshop and Events for more mortals and wanted to develop an app which will analyze the possibilities for cheaper transportation and also event seeking so the users can spend some fun time doing something interesting based on some key interest.

What it does

The app is looking for a surprise destination based on how much time the user want to travel and how much time he wants to spend at the location. Over these parameters the app tries to find a location considering the preferences of the user (ex. Mountain trip, Lake trip, City trip etc)

How we built it

We used Larval (php framework) for developing the keyword management for the stations and also the RestAPI provider for our app.

Challenges we ran into

We had to integrate the SBB API an also build on top of it for data processing in order to provide more accurate data for the user

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to come up with a great idea about an app which will organize a daly trip (including transportation and event seeking) for the user based on user preferences. Also we managed to build an algorithm which considers data besides SBB api to more accurately find trips that users like.

What we learned

There are data online for everything and they can all be connected. we like where this is going

What's next for WOW SBB

The app can be developed to organize more than a few hour travel time to a specific location. We should consider building an app which will also provide events for the day based on users preferences and manage to build an app which will have the possibility to include reservation for hotel room, events, sport activities, parties etc.

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