We lacked a platform where movie, tv discussions could be made as fluently as in real life. On many platforms like iMdB the interactions were limited to reviews and pep talk and an engaging community did not exist in many cases. Also for countries like India were there were smaller regional language movies that also needed the discussions an open platform for threads is not an option as many people opt out for the fear of engaging foreign audience.

What it does

It's a platform for bringing together people to create wonderful communities where they can debate, discuss and promote their views and perspectives about a movie or TV series. Anyone can create and engage in communities with members that the moderators or owners allow. The users can also choose to start discussions within any community he/she is a member of, and view/add comments to the discussion. The moderators of the community can moderate the actions of members in their respective communities.

Wovie also links these discussions to their discoverability. It links users posts in discussions directly to their counter part movies, so they can easily be discovered by the future users or ones navigating from search engines or other social networks.

How we built it

Coffee and Redbull Just kidding! React and Loopback with Mongo managing the data on the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Managing users with different permissions and roles.

What we learned

We talked to different movie goers and admins of discussion groups to come up with different solutions. This was a new experience that we had ventured through. Through lot of nights of discussions and trello boards, we decided on deciding range of accessibility solutions, making the experience organised, recognisable, and simple experience.

What's next for Wovie

We have several features in the pipeline like voice chats, simpler moderation options for moderators and binge watching sessions. But before all this, we need to let Wovie out for public. We are pretty excited to see what the community will make out of wovie than what we would make it

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