What everyone needs is an app that they will realistically use on a regular basis. One that innovates and facilitates your planning, and one that introduces you to new sights and experiences. Welcome to WorthTheTrip, where we do all of this and more.

What it is is fairly simple - you give us a starting location and a destination, and how far out of your way you're willing to go. We give you a multitude of relevant attractions to choose from. You get to customize your trip from there, with live updates on the added time to your trip along the way. Once you're done, your optimal expedition is calculated for you. What's more, you, the user, get to decide what type of attractions we show you - whether you're looking for quick places to eat on your way from point A to B or the sight of a lifetime, this app is for you.

This app is for families, students, and anyone else who enjoys going out on the road with a plan in mind. Whether you use it for fun or for convenience, we've got you covered on all your driving needs.

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