As college girls on a budget who love to shop, we know how hard it is deciding whether to buy a certain item or not. Budgeting in college is difficult, and we wanted to create something that would help girls save money and make smart spending decisions. When thinking about purchasing a new item, we also found that we thought of the price in terms of how many food items we could buy with that money instead.

What it does

Our website Worth It asks a few questions to the users. From the item and price, we calculate the item's worth in Starbucks' coffee, fries, and shoes!

How We built it

We created the app using HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

Challenges We ran into

Creating the formula to determine whether an item was "worth it" or not was difficult, as there are so many factors to take into account. We simplified this by prioritizing some qualities over others, such as cost and happiness. We ended not fully implementing the formula because of this.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We managed to create a beautiful and user friendly interface.

What We learned

We learned more about web development, databases, and how to use GitHub more effectively.

What's next for Worth It

We are planning to have a more in depth questionnaire to learn about the user, such as the user's current budget and spending quota. Our algorithm will take in account factors such as the item's cost, usefulness, and amount of happiness it would bring to the consumer With this new information, we will develop a better algorithm to determine whether an item is really "worth it" to buy. And we don't want to just limit ourselves to comparing items with Starbucks drinks, we want to expand to other items such as ramen, household items, and more!

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