Our project “worth a shot” took on a different approach. About 64% of American investors do not have a clear understanding of their investment holdings, let alone how their investment holdings influence corporate decisions on the large scale. In addition, most people are concerned to share their personal finance data to third-parties.

Therefore, instead of creating a personal finance app, we are focusing on raising social awareness of this issue. By educating the public about on how to leverage their power as shareholders, the public can act collectively and propel Pfizer and GSK to drop the vaccination prices from $9 to $5.

What it does

We created a website that first educates by providing easily digestible infographics and video about the problem of pneumonia deaths and how they can help by leveraging their power as shareholders in Pfizer and GSK. We also built a tool to find the share of Pfizer and GSK in their portfolio given the major mutual funds currently invested in Pfizer and GSK and calls to action including tweeting, contacting your investment company, and a personal guide

What's next for Worth a shot

We thought of other ways of advertising including a follow up email, subway ads, and social media ads.

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