Today blockchain technologies are developing fast. In 2022 we have many EVM L2 blockchains which resolve L1 problems and add new features to the ecosystem. But the community faces another issue is transfer of value from different blockchains. As a solution we can use a bridge. The “bridge” is a solution that allows cross chain token transfers without centralized exchanges, swaps and huge commissions.

What it does

The wormbridge goal is easy and fast transfer between EVM chains for any chain and any token that the user has. The main different with others token bridges like a allbridge, portalbridge and etc. is total coverage. If a user wants to transfer his tokens he can do this without borders. Anyone can create their own bridge to another blockchain network if that bridge does not exist and transfer the tokens.

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How we built it

The core system includes four parts. It is a solidity smart contract in different networks it provides a mint and burn tokens and create new cross-chain bridges. Second part is the API which works like a flow controller, I call it a relay. The three part is a DB system for saving the bridge data, like contract addresses in different networks, token addresses and other public information.The DB system works on the IPFS that provides security and data protection for the worm bridge. So we can restore data in any moment if something goes wrong, because the data is saved to the thousand nodes in the IPFS network. The last part is a frontend interface. It allows users to subscribe transactions, and to find bridges and tokens, and switch the chains.

Challenges we ran into

The challenge is about how to provide data and transaction security between networks. As we know the relay is a weak part of the system and we must provide enough level security for the core system. Partially that issue can be solved with the IPFS system and clever flow inside the smart contracts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The live wormbridge alpha version with full functionality. It provides transfers the tokens between smart chains. A possibility for users to create a bridge for another token in Polygon, BNB Chain, Evmos(testnet). The bridge’s data is decentralized in the IPFS. A possibility to add the new EVM blockchains to the system easily.

What we learned

How to build the difficult system includes smart contract, frontend and node.js server. How exactly works with web3js, solidity, nodejs and IPFS and other technologies.

What's next for The Worm Bridge.

The next step is to continue work on the frontend interface and smart contract, add the new features like a gas fee, optimase the core system and prepare it for the production version. As a result we can open the wormbridge for many EVM blockchains and get the first users.

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The bridge from polygon to bnb chain
The bridge from polygon to Evmos

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