Most consumer mapping applications are designed to help users plan journeys by optimizing for the fastest journey or the shortest distance traveled. However, no major mapping application is designed keeping safety in mind. Hence, we were inspired to fill this void by designing an application that analyzes the various different routes possible to get from point A to point B and rating them based on crowdsourced safety data.

We built our prototype using Javascript and the Google Maps API. We calculated our safety predictions using the Naive Bayes Algorithm provided by Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services and used Azure to host our final website.

A significant challenge we faced was working with the Google Maps API since none of us had any experience with it before. A lot of our time was spent reading the documentation and ensuring that we used the API in the way it was intended.

For now, we built a simple web prototype to demonstrate the ideas that we had in the quickest way possible. Ideally, we will build native mobile applications that will be more interactive journey companions as the person travels the route rather than just a pre-journey planner on the web. Moreover, we would like to incorporate data sourced from local governments as well as modify our algorithm to consider additional parameters such as street light data, traffic flow, etc.

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