A week or two ago I was trying to look up a word that my Filipino friend said and I knew it was a slang word but I could not find it online. It was especially hard because I wasn't sure if I remembered the word correctly or if I was spelling it completely wrong. So, since I learned HTML/CSS/Javascript this weekend, I thought I would attempt a urban dictionary - world edition.

What it does

So far, not much. It has a search bar with a search button. You can type in it (only English) and press the button. If it has an entry, a definition will pop up. There is a drop down menu with 3 languages, it doesn't do anything yet. There are input text fields if you want to contribute. You can search that word that you just contributed and it will pop up. However, the entry isn't saved or anything.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Since we just learned it, everything was a challenge... There was lots and lots of googling.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the buttons and entries to work!

What we learned

With and time and Redbull, we can do anything.

What's next for WorldSlang

Better presentation. A working dropdown menu. Actually being able to input different languages. A databank of words/definitions. A lot of work.

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