We wanted to create a virtual space, that would enable us to visually represent a machines learning with respect to objects, pictures and appropriate sizes. The original goal for this project was for the player to enter a keyword in the form of an emotion. After we had trained the machine to differenticate between the emotions it could then desplay the appropriate images and objects that corresponde to the emotion chosen. Another thought of inspiration would take place in the form of a companion that would appear behind you when you lose sight of them. We quickly discovered how funny this could be as we imagined putting a scary/creepy texture on the companion and having it instantly move behind you.

What it does

it allows the player to enter a keyword, which creates a sphere in the world with a picture. the player can interact with the sphere and as they approach it the sphere will make a noise generated via dubsmash api and the keyword the player entered at the beginning. there can be multiple spheres in the world

How we built it

we built it on unity using C# and a whole lot of club-mate

Challenges we ran into

one of the challenges we run into was with our team. initially we were part of four. this allowed us to distribute our workload but then they decided to withdraw before any progress was made. this lead us to cut down on our aspirations. another challenge we met was that one of our team mates was new to both APIs and C# so his tasks took longer to accomplish than was originally planned.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we experienced pride after each stepping stone along the way. when we were first able to texture our objects using the correct texture from the keyword provided (this included using our names, this lead to a hilarious time). another accomplishment would be when we were able to (finally) input sound from the dubsmash API.

What we learned

the use of APIs and polished our use of c#

What's next for Worlds

what's next for Worlds is the implementation of the wikidata API to make the objects we create accurately represent the size of the image we are using as a texture.

Built With

  • c#
  • dubsmash
  • wikidata
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