The theme of the hackathon is "Hack the past". Harvard is a world leading educational institution, leading to the birth of many great, world-leading companies including Microsoft and Facebook. We share their vision of making the world more connected.

As a result of our vision for the world and our curiosity for new technologies, we decided to combine it together and create this great service.

What it does

1) Take a photo of a road / door / any sign from your phone and upload to the server.

2) Wait for the magic to happen

3) View gif which explains what the sign is trying to communicate to you. Using microsoft's translator API, we're able to make this app multilingual.

How we built it

Our front-end is an web application which is used for capturing and image and uploading it to the server.

Challenges we ran into

  • Android app development
  • Being able to complete a product with technologies never used before
  • Pivoting from Android app front end to web app front end due to tech issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Combine several state-of-the-art Microsoft API in the field of cognitive sciences.
  • Combine several back-end technologies and make everything work seamlessly

What we learned

  • Android is very challenging
  • How to implement Microsoft's APIs

What's next for Worldesque

  • Use augmented reality for overlaying the images onto the sign to be replaced in the video stream.
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