Story behind the project

When COVID-19 cancelled in-person classes and learning was forced to transition online, students were faced with many learning challenges including decreased support from teachers, lack of daily structure, and general boredom. With these issues on the forefront of remote education, we created worldclass to help make the transition to remote learning for young kids easy, fun, and accessible.

What is 🌎worldclass

Worldclass is an online educational web platform that strives to provide an engaging and seamless learning experience for young students. By gamifying the eLearning experience, students can complete lessons to earn accessories for their “World”, allowing them to add fixtures like playgrounds, sandboxes, swings, and other things you can find in a school yard.

Teachers can input their questions into a database which will get output through a series of mini-quizzes. The students will then take these mini-quizzes to not only test their knowledge but to also earn prizes for their person world. We wanted to promote continuous learning so if a student wants to improve on their result from a quiz they have the option to re-do them.

How we built it

We built our database using PostgreSQL. This includes tables for each of the students, teachers, lessons, questions, and answers. We then connected our database to Autocode. There, we created all of our endpoints in NodeJS. We built all of our front-end on ReactJS which leverages the different endpoints created in Autocode. These components were styled using HTML and CSS based on our designs from Figma.

Challenges we ran into

Tech Challenges:

  • learning how to make endpoints on Autocode
  • connecting Autocode with PostgreSQL

Design Challenges:

  • due to time constraints, not being able to implement all designs envisioned in development

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of the aspects we are most proud of in our product is the interface/visual design and user experience.

We’re also happy to have not only been introduced to Autocode in this hackathon, but also incorporated it into our hack. For some members, it was their first time coding in React and was a fun learning experience.

Lastly, the way our team worked together and helped each other out in times of need is something we're all proud of.

What's next for 🌎 worldclass

We see potential in 🌎worldclass to be on the forefront of ed-tech for younger audiences.

Our hope for 🌎worldclass is to expand the platform for a wider audience. The timeframe of the hackathon had us prioritize specific goals in our project, but our vision for 🌎worldclass is to expand the interactivity on the students side for the lessons. We also hope to include more student-to-student interaction. Our research showed that student-to-student interaction is the thing kids missed the most from remote learning, so giving the students the ability to visit their classmates’s Worlds is something we hope to include.

Accessibility is of huge importance to us which we've wanted to implement since the early stages of our project. In the future we would love to incorporate customizable features/filters for the application to aid with accessibility, such as in font choice, size, colour use, and use of audio/text-to-speech.

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