The World Won't Stop!

Our Vision

The World Won't Stop (WWS) initiative aims to provide stability to the daily breadwinner style households in 2020. My team is from India and our project is inspired by the largest affected group of people in the quarantine, the poor. However, our idea isn't limited to just helping India, WWS's solution can be implemented globally with very little setup and resources to assist the poor.

With providing people the means to continue their jobs, have access to safety equipment and medical checkups, we hope to remarkably decrease everyday new infection cases of the outbreak.

The initiative's direction is to bring everyone's life to normal by restoring their previous occupations as closely as possible.

Why we wanted to start the initiative:

Observing how all the local eateries had to shut down due to the pandemic, we felt the need to find a solution that could save all our favorite businesses and help get them through these tough times.

How it works:

A general use case of our app would include two scenarios, the local eatery switching to continue to provide services through our app and the general consumer who wants to have good affordable local food.

Our app would hold an index of contact details and cities around the world of street vendors, eateries and local food businesses. The everyday person would search his city, look through the available local food choices, payment options and decide on what he wants to have. Then the person can place an order directly to the business and await delivery completed by proper equipped personnel.

The Government sanctioned personnel would also have access to proper equipment like sanitizers, masks and gloves at factory prices. This would also greatly increase the health protection of the poor.

How this will help:

We plan to setup an index for local vendors and eateries globally with Government sanctioned verified shops. This would allow these businesses to operate their daily routine by switching to deliveries for purchases.

An everyday person can place a delivery order and have affordable food at their home by ensured safe packaging.

Future Plans for WWS:

The global situation is unpredictable at the moment and it's always best to prepare. To ensure a smooth transition for the poor to life under quarantine, we aim to expand into other areas that could benefit the impoverished groups.

Some of these include:

  • Helping provide other daily wage job opportunities.
  • Neighborhood volunteering programs.

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