World Savvy

An Amazon Alexa Skill for Kids

Kids’ world is all about having fun, which indirectly comes toward playing games most of the time. This inspires me to not only creating games that is entertaining, but also educating yet still engaging for the long-term. I came up with the idea of traveling virtually around the world and learning general knowledge about each country. This skill is basically an interactive conversation with Alexa while playing quiz at the same time. The main goal is imparting information about countries worldwide and encourage learning through this fun skill on top of achieving the highest level on the game itself.

How the skill works:

  1. Alexa, start 'World Savvy'.
  2. It will begin with a welcoming message and continue with the randomized five multiple-choice questions about different countries in the world.
  3. There will be unique responses for correct and incorrect answers. Your score will increment every time you answer correctly.
  4. When you give answer improperly (other than options one to four), it will not consider your answer and will go on to the next question.
  5. You can say 'help' when you need assistance with how this skill works.
  6. You can say 'repeat' to repeat the current question.
  7. You can start over a new game whenever you want by saying 'start'.
  8. You can end the game by saying 'cancel' and its synonyms.
  9. You can stop the game anytime by saying 'stop'. At this time, it will ask your 'yes' or 'no' response whether you want to continue the game or not.
  10. At the end of the game, it will sum up your final score out of 5. If you get 0-1, you achieve baby traveler level. If you get 2, you achieve teenage traveler level. If you get 3-4, you achieve adult traveler level. If you get 5, you achieve senior traveler level. It will tell your level achievement and rate your knowledge about the world.

Features: To make this skill sounds more engaging, it uses varies speechcons and audio files.

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