We wanted something visual and interactive that could be used to represent statistics regarding safety and empowerment. We came up with a solution that can be customized in the future and presents the data colorfully and visually.

What it does

It loads database info from world safety indices and global literacy rates to highlight a comparison/contrast between the two societal aspects.

How we built it

We made python scripts to harvest the data, process csv sheets, fetch geolocation data for cities and countries, augmented proportions and range of data to highlight contrasts, and formatted the final data to be json and accepted by the webGL globe. We then formatted our WebGL globe to look the way we wanted and designed a team logo.

Challenges we ran into

Hosting the globe on the web. We were ultimately not versed enough/introduced to heroku properly before the hackathon and decided to host and run locally.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to harvest global data and highlight safety in a visual way.

What we learned

How to overcome problems by analyzing code (even if a foreign language) and searching for similar situations and solutions.

What's next for World Safety and Literacy Globe

Host the globe on the web in a final production build

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