Our interest sparked after looking at an ad where we asked what do you think. In a group of males and females, we all had various view points about it. Rather than share it through direct dialogue, we kept it to ourselves and discovered the various responses through anonymous surveys.

At ChimeHack, we learned that the many issues such as sexual assault and domestic violence occur due to giving unequal power to gender. We identified the reason to this is through communication on how we consider topics and how approach this through technology. To understand how might we build healthy relationships for gender equality, we found that there is a disconnect on how initiatives are carried out that discredit gender aspects.

Thus we found that by having a safe environment where privacy is valued, individuals can address issues and achievements of equality. To ensure that dialogue is appropriate, we've taken into consideration flagging tools to reduce harm and increase engagement.

Through TownHall, we aim to engage, educate and enact about gender equality by location. So we are starting here in San Francisco.

How it works

In TownHall, everyone is a citizen and treated equally. In order to engage, educate and enact about gender equality citizens experience the following process:

  1. Citizens post about gender equality and inequality in orgs/companies

  2. Citizens demonstrate support through upvoting posts that we call campaigns. By doing so and meeting the upvote threshold, the Town Hall moderator verified the content to be delivered to the organizations.

  3. Citizens receive “All-Star” acknowledgement once enough upvoting is received by the community. These campaigns are then moderated and verified to initiate the dialogue process.

  4. TownHall starts proactive dialogue with orgs/companies based top-voted campaigns. Citizens receive recognition for identifying the campaign and seeking support for bringing it up as a top-voted campaign.


Ensuring appropriate moderating is carried out to the point where users can feel comfortable with their posts and not over-censored.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

Getting validation and initiating the enactment process with one of the campaigns posted on Town Hall. In one day we were able to conduct 96 interviews/surveys for user validation purposes.

Company advocate has already outreached to us for a possible meeting.

Incorporating NLP practices to help users have awareness of posting inappropriate content.

What's next for TownHall

Partnership with mentorship resources such as Glassbreakers.

Identify business model for orgs/companies to use this as a research tool to identify achievements and areas of improvement for gender equality.

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