Our inspiration comes from and Steam, we are creating the first Trustless and Decentralized gaming app of its kind on Web3 and this is only possible on the Internet Computer

What it does

It's a gaming platform that gathers all-in one: video games, social apps, nft marketplaces and creates a profile for the user to directly interact with gaming projects within the ecosystem.

Video game developers will be able to integrate their games to the platform by adding just a few lines of code to their canisters. In addition we will provide them with tools to add features already developed by us like player profile, achievements, rewards system, multiplayer servers on the IC, matchmaking system and many more.

Just some examples of what we are already building: Creating a UnitySDK to directly connect to the IC and be able to export to Android, iOS, Windows and even porting to Consoles.

Plug&Play SDK for the future SNS to add governance and tokenization to the games.

How we built it

We are a full team of seasoned, passionate and highly motivated people from all over the world, with over 10,000 years of experienced combined.

By using Candid and Motoko as our main tools to communicate to the IC. The Platform is being built in C# and JavaScript. Unity3D as our main game engine for the IC GamingSDK. React and Typescript for web development. Discord as our main communication tool ClickUp to keep track of our backlog. Figma to design the UX/UI

Challenges we ran into

Research and Development is one big challenge, as we're still learning more about the capabilities of the Internet Computer, we've discovered that if we can build it on a centralized server, we can build it on the IC.

Second challenge is to learn more about other projects in the ecosystem to be able to integrate them, a good example is OpenChat which is so powerful yet more documentation is needed in order to achieve a stable implementation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Cosmicrafts is one thing we're proud of by creating for the first time Real-Time Servers on blockchain and using its research and development to open source under a MIT license with documentation to welcome more gaming projects into the Ecosystem that want to take advantage of this.

What we learned

What's next for World of Unreal

We're always fundraising, we welcome VCs and private investors to join us in this early stage and maximize your ROI into what is the most ambitious gaming and social combined project on the IC.

Hiring more awesome, talented and passionate people, we're all oldschool' gamers to the bone and speak the same love language, this is who we are and this is what we do.

Releasing our MVP or Alpha testing that will include at least 12 of the best video games, we are inviting all gaming projects to join us for free.

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