We were largely inspired by the current events impacting the world. From the recent Australian forest fires to the former oil spills in the ocean, nuclear power accidents and forthcoming events like growing carbon footprint. All these events only make the situation worse. So we decided to do something and help these poor animals.

What it does

This website educates the common people about the living species that are now about to be extinct from our world. We need to increase awareness about these living beings. We could not survive, if they do not survive!
"Only if we understand… we can care;
Only if we care…we will help;
Only if we help… they shall be saved"

How we built it

We decided to build a webapp to create awareness and educate those causing harm.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the dataset, which tracks all the endangered species was one of the difficult tasks. We had to manually scrape the data regarding these species and then add it to our project database. We also wanted to add a Map on the website that would be able to display the location spread of the selected animals worldwide.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of doing something for the greater good.

What we learned

We learnt how to create a fully working web application. With this project, we were also able to learn how to scrape information from the web and display the required information on our website.

What's next for World Endangered Species

We want to create a feature that enables the users to view where these endangered species are found worldwide on a map. From all the data that we collect, we want to make the right use of it by empowering the local communities.

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