The goal of this application is to help  government planner, researchers and organizations easily use visuallization to access and compare WorldBank's raw data by indicators and/or countries on a map. This application let users/developers be able to add any indicator from WorldBank's database to the application, compare indicators among different countries, and compare indicators within a specific country. In addition, data of similar kinds can be compared by various type of charts such as bar chart, line, area chart...  Teachers and students of subjects related to indicators used in the system can also use it as a graphic presentation when needed. Also, they can use the images of this system in their report... The project is hosted here:   How to use [World data visualization system]:

  • First, to select a country, user need to drag the pin on the world map and drop it on the country they want to select. The map can be zoomed in or out to better see the smaller countries.
  • The second step is to select indicators: user click on the indicator button for the indicator list to slide out and select the indicators they want. Indicators are separated into categories for ease of selection and navigation.
  • User can now click on the pin to see individual country's information and graphs showing that country's indicator. User can choose what indicator to show from the indicator shortlist here and choose what type of graph they want to render too.
  • If user want to compare countries, they will need to check those countries' checkbox on the list and click "Compare countries" button. A popup will now show a comparison of countries based on an indicator. In this popup user can choose what indicator to compare and what type of graph they want.
  • The third tool will show user the Import - Export relations between countries. By clicking on "Trade data" button bellow countries list, they can specify the center country to show trade data, the type of data (export or import) to show and the year of that data. An arrow will then be draw from the export country to the import country and showing the amount exported.

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