As our world is under an on-going pandemic, COVID-19, I felt most confident with working on a pandemic that I am most familiar with. The project is designed to inform the user about COVID-19. There are three main functions within this project which is the graphing function, the diagnose function, and the 'tips to be safe' function. The graph function allows for the user to see a statistical graph on the 'Total COVID-19 Cases' and the 'New COVID-19 Cases'. The diagnose function diagnoses the user to suggest on if they should take a PCR test or not. The 'tips to be safe' function informs the user on being as safe as possible from COVID-19. The language used to build this program was python. There are multiple '.csv' files within the program in order to draw out the graph. A challenge that I ran into was learning how to graph as I recently learnt it through a data analysis workshop. During the 24 hour hackathon, I found that I spent most of my time working on my graph in order to show correctly. I am proud of accomplishing the graph function of the program. The graph function is really new to me and I am glad that I have been able to successfully incorporated into my program. I've learnt that the module named 'panda' and 'matplotlibs' are used mainly to read data files like '.csv' files and graphing it. Instead of having my program run on a console I am hoping to start using the module 'tkinter' in order to make my program look more modern and appealing towards a more wide variety of users.


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