Two days ago, Goldman Sachs revealed that Facebook has 600 million active users. Is there a better way to make information available for you, than to share it on Facebook? We worked hard to write a Facebook application that contains information that users will want to discover and share, and made it fun by adding a Don't Like button, very similar to Facebook's Like button, as well as inviting users to consider becoming World Citizens; a concept that makes more and more sense in this globalized world. Here is the app description on Facebook: This app is yours. Use it to discover and learn about the 8 Millennium Development Goals, as they have been set by the World Bank.We have carefully selected for you some information that will help you determine whether some countries are doing a good (or a bad) job at making this world better.We invite you to consider becoming a World Citizen, i.e. a person who believes the whole world to be their home, and make use of the Don't Like Button to share information on your wall.

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