Experiencing the personal impact of the corona virus pandemic has inspired and fueled the team to create this solution to help provide an overview of the situation.

What it does

The service provides a website for citizens to report on their current status and actions in preventing the corona virus. The user is encourage to update their situation continuously if there is any changes to their status ex if symptoms are changing.

The service takes into account your current position when registering and the user may register past location after first registration. You may register on behalf of other people and define your family/household.

We have established multiple analytical tools to continuously build new and follow the development of the registered data.

The solution is based on user consents and highly value your privacy based on European legislations and laws. A user may withdraw consent or decide that the information is not to be passed over to health authorities.

How I built it

The platform and service is built based on Microsoft technology, in Microsoft Azure with different application and services. It is built on asp.netcore and angular 8 front end. different authentication mechanisms based on open ID connect, IBM cognos analytics, facebook integration, Microsoft maps and google maps to acquire position and register previous places, integrated with the Covidu messenger chatbot

Challenges I ran into

With a high focus on providing the service we now face the challenge in gaining the necessary attention with government official based on the solutions credible technological foundation and quality. Similar, but non - Comparable simple solutions is prompted to the market from medias and minor initiatives finding a "quick fix" with anonymous reporting and low security. By identifying users, continuous updates and quality assured datasets the data provided can be credible in terms of analyzing and getting an overview of the situation, but also in using the data in providing help to given individuals in need based on their reporting.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building an amazing and highly qualified team working extremely well together in a "sprint on speed" track. We have been acknowledged by experts we have worked with and gained tremendous support from our partners contributing with expertise, technology and funding! Selected as 1 of 19 solutions in the Young Sustainable Impact Global program (YSI).

What I learned

That with a unique purpose that drives you - everything is possible in a limited amount of time. - And network, honesty and respect is important to achieve speed and reach.

What's next for World Citizen Report

We now need more features, actions and partners that triggers a viral usability and in contact with government officials. We will continue at high speed, but we will need to ensure a range to obtain the basis of the registrations reach globally. We have several ideas on how to proceed, and hope to find more great team players, partners, supporters and such in this program!

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