This face can be used for World Cup,Olympic Games, Immigration support, a rebellion, a strike ... globally.

I tried to collect flags of the whole world without excluding any. (Let me know if I did) and I redefined them to have more or less the same size, I renamed one by one to have a sequence (because I don't have a program that renames 200 files) and then I loaded them into SparkAR from there I started working. The big challenge was the file size and download size; I wanted my filter to be precise and fluid but I had a huge file; I tried several times to reduce some aspects of the texture and I waited many times until it made the whole render which takes hours, in the end I had to reduce the quality to be able to export it, which is frustrating. However, I am proud of this filter and I hope it can be used to show love and solidarity in the crazy world we live in today. I learned that the flags are not all the same size :) and I learned new flags I didn't know they existed. It was also the first time I learned how to load a storyline effect in sequence. For now there are only flags of nations; I will try to add symbol flags as the flag of peace and love, the flag of the United Nations and UNICEF .. and I hope to find a way to improve quality.

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