We were initially inspired by Uber’s goal to connect strangers in a positive way to allow win-win scenarios for both strangers involved in the “transaction”. We wanted to help users overcome everyday roadblocks from getting their A/C repaired, to helping them make lunch with the help of a cook, to even a garden renovation. Not only do users overcome their difficulty, but the helping party also gets benefited with cash. We wanted users to help each other in their corresponding community while benefiting from their dues.

What it does

Website The website primarily serves as an information site currently. It contains an ‘about’ section, which provides steps on how to use the app, a ‘team’ page, which explains which people worked on what aspect of the product, and a ‘contact’ page, where a user can send us an email directly from the site.

App The app connects people who are looking for others to help them in a variety of tasks. All users must first create an account and confirm authentication. Then, users who are looking for help can view annotations specially configured to their community. They can see what tasks people are willing to do for them and the cost of it. If the user is looking to find work, they can fill out a form consisting of what they will be doing and the price of it. Their request for work will promptly show up on the map and if anyone is willing to start a deal with them or has any questions, they can message them.

How we built it

Website The website was hand-coded in HTML (used to design the structure of the site), CSS (styling and colors), and JavaScript (smooth animations/transitions). Alongside these languages, libraries from W3Schools, and AOS (animation on scroll) were implemented. All of these featured combined, alongside crafty fonts, logo design, and innovative images led to the creation of the website.

App We used MapKit to show user location along with annotations of nearby help and FirebaseAuth to create accounts and manager user information. We used FirebaseCloudStore to keep track of most of the data, from creating annotations with user locations and information, to create the private, customized, realtime chat room between the worker and the “employer”. We used a slew of other APIs to provide a better user experience with the chat logs and interactions.

Challenges we ran into

Website While developing the website, our main difficulty was formatting. One small misplacement of a block would severely affect the layout of the entire page. Also, we had to create the site in such a way that it would look aesthetically pleasing on any platform (desktop, tablet, or mobile). Coming up with a clean color scheme, and relaxing fonts was an interesting obstacle. We had to understand which combinations of colors and fonts would look the most sophisticated, and we eventually decided to stick a simple black & white theme. Lastly, the most difficult bug were the animations. It required importing multiple libraries, and correctly implementing them. Small typos would result in the program not running which was definitely a huge annoyance.

App Creating a completely customized chat between two people involved in the “transaction” proved to be quite difficult because the chat had to be something that only those two distinct users could access. This problem took us multiple hours to solve, and we ended up building a complex algorithm to solve this issue. Other problems we faced included creating custom, personalized annotations and creating an algorithm to personalize the annotations on a community basis for the user’s unique location.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud that we were not only able to create a working application, but develop it for iOS, AND produce a beautiful website. We overcame numerous obstacles, and are so content that we were able to surpass all of them. Some of our team members learnt completely new languages from scratch, while others were educated upon functionalities from the web. Overall, it was a great experience, and we are proud that we had an amazing time, and created a functional iOS app, and a website.

What we learned

Through this hackathon, we learnt the importance of teamwork. To have multiple people working on the same product can be very frustrating. However, we came up with an organized plan, persevered through the entire night, overcame our differences, and pushed out an application. Alongside this, we learnt numerous new aspects of computer science that will definitely help us in our future careers. From learning new languages, to intense debugging, we encountered so many positive experiences that were truly beneficial.

What's next for WorkWheel

First, our main goal is to fully complete the WorkWheel iOS app. We shall add search filters, distance and route planning, as well as in-app transactions to provide the best experience for our users. Once we sophisticate this, we will expand the app towards Android and the Web in order to have a huge cross-platform society. As our product grow bigger, we will create better authentication and security features to guarantee that our app is entirely a safe community. Ultimately, we wish to release the application globally, so that the entire world can enjoy WorkWheel!

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