Because we are trying to solve the employment issue that's posed to immigrants, we decided that the best course of action would be to help them find jobs that will guarantee that they get work visas to come to the US.

What it does

It matches Immigrants, based on their qualifications and work experience, to their proper employers that will guarantee their work visas

How we built it

We originally tried to build it off of the Monster Job Search API, and use the program as essentially an extension that allows for us to find the proper jobs, however, due to time constraints, we only have the basic front-end features that allow us to look at different jobs as more of a proof-of-concept.

Challenges we ran into

Utilizing flask in order to connect the web pages and the database proved difficult, but the application could end up being compatible with the different APIs in order to specifically find jobs that allow immigrants to get work visas.

Built With

  • monsterapi
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