Inspiration: My partner Angela and I were inspired by the "pomodoro timer" technique, where people log the amount of time they work on a sheet of paper by drawing little tomatoes. We wanted to make our own version in the form of an app.

What it does: The user clicks a button that adds an hour to the amount of work they do each day. Users can track their progress when they view how many hours they have worked in the form of a bar graph.

How I built it: Angela and I used XML in android studio to build the UI and Java to log data from user input.

Challenges I ran into: Linking the buttons and text boxes in XML to Java was harder than we expected. This was troublesome because there were multiple steps we needed to take when coding to make sure the areas where the user interacts with the app worked. It was also difficult storing data because we had to make multiple activities which allows the user to view different slides in the app. Having multiple activities was difficult to store data because data in one activity is not visible in the other. It was tough transferring data from one activity to the other since we were dealing with objects rather than fundamental data types.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We were able to make a bar graph that updates itself while the user enters the data. To make the bar graph, we had to use two new data structures, BarGraphSeries and DataPoints. Prior to the hackathon, we had never heard of these data structures so we're glad we were able to make use of them. We're also glad that data was able to be preserved while navigating between slides in the app.

What I learned: We became more skilled at creating our own classes and using objects of those classes. Although in the end we didn't end up using it, we were able to send user input data to FireStore. Programming navigation between screens was pretty daunting for us at first, but by the time we finished our app, we became proficient. In terms of character skills, both of us learned to be more resourceful by browsing the web for solutions to our problems, occasionally coming up with our own solutions, taking advice from mentors, and of course grit.

What's next for WorkTrend: We plan to continue to improve the app so it can mature into a fully-fledged self improvement application. Eventually we want to be able to utilize FireStore to manage our data storage so we can focus on updating UI and including more features.

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