The worse part of being an IT Professional is, you don't have enough time to Stretch your body. Spending countless hours on your Work System, tends to be tedious and stressing. Same is the case with me. This idea came into my mind, when I was having Back Pain while working on my Workstation (and hence, the name of this Skill).

What it does

This Skill helps you guide through various body stretches that one can perform while sitting on a chair in office or at home. Just name a body part (which Skill Supports) and follow the instructions. After, going through all these stretches you will yourself, feel the difference.

How I built it

I started with the most necessary things. For example :- A Chair and the most common body parts that are prone to musculoskeletal disorders. I draw a Workflow diagram on a WhiteBoard (the one you can see in my video), and started coding it.

Challenges I ran into

Yes, a lot of them. Many times, this skill ends up throwing errors. I tried, to sort out most of them. Will continue to improve this skill over the coming period of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am happy, that I have created a skill, which will help others, know more about Musculoskeletal disorders. Many people are suffering from these disorders almost daily, and they have no idea, How they can eradicate or get rid of these disorders using few body stretches.

What I learned

I have learned a lot of things, from Technical perspective : Amazon Polly, SSML, Node.js. Creating and Editing Videos. Uploading a video on Youtube. Debugging your code, when your Skill gets rejected during Certification Process. And, as a whole I have learned how to maintain a Work, Life, Balance.

What's next for Workstation Workout

I will try to make it more User-Friendly. My first priority would be to invoke this skill using a single command with the stretch name. For Ex: Alexa, Ask Workstation Workout to give me a Neck Stretch. This, feature isn't included right now. My Second Priority, would be to create my own sketches for each Body stretches and make them compatible for Echo Spot and Echo Show.

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