## Inspiration With the rising cost of benefits and trend of traditional organizations moving to project-based contracts skilled workers are increasingly finding it difficult to find critical benefits such as affordable healthcare. This trend creates tremendous amount of waste in the system because it creates switching costs for skilled talent. Instead of creating value in the eco-system continually, they have to find their next gig or take on gigs which don't as closely align with their talent.

## What it provides Workspace 0x is A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for Project-Based Work Providing Incredible Employee Benefits While Creating Meaningful Social Impact.

A Direct Business to Worker Model using WS0x Smart Contracts reduces holistic costs.

The Community Governance System (CSM) provides a framework in which workers are paid like an employee, using 1 W2, even if they are working on multiple contracts and pays them in-between paid contracts. Combined with Employee services (benefits) and incentives such as Medical Insurance and 401kThis reduces wastes in the ecosystem, by minimizing switching costs. It also encourages talent to spend time in areas they can create the most value for the client and the world. The CSM provides transparency and governs how workers are assigned to contracts, how they will be and are paid, therefore reducing fraud and localized personal bias (e.g. over traditional models) Employees are also financially incentivized by the CSM to continually provide training to peers in the system, therefore increasing the overall knowledge and skills of the community.

From a socially responsible perspective, the Governance system also provides a voting system to take on charitable project proposals, therefore using Business and blockchain as a Force for Good.

Over time, the increased value and size of the system provides leverage to reduce Workspace0x employee services even further, therefore maximizing the value to cost ratio for clients and workers as well as provides greater margin for charitable impact.

## How we built it It was built using Truffle with Open Zeppelin-Solidity, Vuex, Webpack, Bootstrap and jQuery

## Challenges we ran into The biggest challenge was finding what niche Workspace0x would provide in this fragmented marketplace. Also, understanding the complexity of what needed to be built with Smart Contracts vs. what may be off chain created very meaningful discussions.

## Accomplishments that we're proud of We believe we have created a system that by programming in the rest of the CSM logic, we can go live and create value in this fragmented space soon.

## What we learned It's ok to fail on an idea and restart with less than 12hrs to go :-)

## What's next for Workspace0x Validation of the business model against random user feedback Finding others who would like to be part of this eco-system For more information, see our initial alpha roadmap in the powerpoint.

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