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Meetings are crucial to team growth and progress, especially when working on a project, meetings are held severally with discussion ranging on different issues that needs to be solved. Participant are always diverse in profession and skillset but they do share a common goal and interest.

Business leaders, Project Managers, Professionals (Engineers, Developers, Designers, Content Creators, Data Scientist,etc) with different skill set working remotely often engage in virtual meetings to help align their interest and make effective collaboration to achieving their goals, this requires frequent meetings which sometimes leads to Meeting Fatigue and passive participation during meeting.

Most times, meeting agendas are created by the meeting host before the meeting, and this limits the team to only discuss this agendas during the meeting which lead to passive participation from team members unlike when team members are able to suggest their agenda to the meeting host, enabling both host and team members to suggest their agenda ahead of the meeting, this increases participation and makes it active.

Meeting Agendas, help making a meeting effective with active participant, Polls help you understand team member opinion on a matter based on their votes, polls outcome helps your team collaborate well and can often reduce your meeting frequency.

What it does

Manage Workspace Meetings & Polls on Confluence is an Atlassian Forge application for Confluence. It helps team have an effective meeting by mitigating meeting fatigue and driving active participation in meetings, through meeting agenda from meeting host and suggested agendas from team members before the meeting.


  1. Meeting host create a meeting (by writing the title, description, meeting agenda, start time, meeting duration and invites the team via email)
  2. Meeting host can automatically generate zoom meeting link with a button click or manually enter meeting link and publish the meeting.
  3. Team receives meeting notification via email.
  4. Team member clicks on the published meeting, and suggests an agenda (he feels it's crucial to discuss this, but was not added by the host)
  5. Meeting host approves all agendas.
  6. Email Notification is sent to the team about the meeting and the newly suggested agenda ahead of the meeting.
  7. Team members can't make suggestion when meeting has ended, Meeting host can't approve agenda when meeting has ended.
  8. Email Team about the meeting memo.


  1. Create Polls by list poll options (what team can vote on)
  2. Set Poll timer, the duration for the poll.
  3. Members can only vote once.
  4. Polls outcomes are visualized graphically via (Bar Chart, Pie Chart and Polar Area Chart)
  5. You can't vote when Poll has ended.

How we built it

The frontend of this project is hosted and built with Forge, by leveraging on the APIs, Hooks and Components. The backend was built using Node.js so as to integrate ZOOM API for generating of meeting link and also integrate Gmail API for send email to team. The backend was hosted on Vercel Manage Workspace Meetings & Polls on Confluence uses:

  • Forge: Forge is indeed a leverage, I was able to use Forge UI Kit Components, UI Kit hooks, Storage API, Fetch API, Confluence Module (Macro)
  • Zoom: Registered on zoom marketplace to become a zoom developer so as to use their API
  • Gmail: I enabled Gmail on Google cloud console and used their documentation on send emails on gmail via API
  • Quick Chart: I used Quick chart to generate poll outcomes in different chart representation.

Challenges we ran into

  1. I initially wanted to use Custom UI Components, I had challenges making it work, I had to use Forge UI Kit Components which are quite limited.
  2. It was my first time working on forge, I consulted the documentation always, sometimes slowing my pace.
  3. Integrating third parties API and dealing with permission in the manifest.
  4. It was my first time using ZOOM API and GMAIL API, had issues generating meeting link and sending emails respectively initially.
  5. I usually use heroku to deploy backend APIs, due to heroku "no free dyno", I had to use Vercel to deploy my backend API, which required some few tutorials.
  6. Using Quick Chart, I initially had issues generating chart diagrams
  7. I made a video illustration, and video on the application, I had issues merging the video into one and trim the video.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Generation on ZOOM meeting link through a single button click
  2. Email Notification via Gmail to team about the Meeting activities
  3. Graphical representation of Poll Results in Bar Chart, Pie Chart and Polar Area Chart.
  4. Forge UI Kit Component, though limited, it was able to achieve the goal of allowing team members seamlessly contribute their agendas ahead of the meeting for an effective meeting

What we learned

  1. Deploying of Application on Forge environment (development, Production)
  2. The use of Forge Component, Hooks, APIs
  3. Viewing logs on forge developer console
  4. Integration with external API like ZOOM, Gmail and QuickChart.

What's next for Manage Workspace Meetings & Polls on Confluence

  1. To use custom UI components for a better interface>
  2. To enable the application schedule meeting via google calendar for team. Hence, integration with Google Calendar.
  3. looking forward to creating scheduled ZOOM meetings, presently it just generate instant ZOOM meeting links
  4. looking forward to creating meeting links on google meet. Hence, integrating Google Meet API

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