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Our team decided we wanted to tackle current issues we are all facing today:

  • Being unable to workout due to quarantine
  • Self awareness/uncomfortable at the gym
  • Unreliable streaming platforms
  • Workout sessions are usually one on one in person

Therefore, we need a product that is:

  • Easy to use and connect to without latency issues
  • Fun and interactive where anybody can join
  • Usable from all parts around the world
  • Safe for everybody
  • Scalable for numerous users

What it does

WorkoutTGT is a collaborative exercising platform that allows users to:

  • Safely workout together
  • Talk via voice, video, text
  • Follow exercises, videos, and challenges

How We built it

  • WebRTC protocols for encrypted communication (open source protocol)
  • AWS JS SDK for Kinesis was used for streaming data
  • Website hosted on AWS EC2, but also functional on premise
  • Youtube API for video selection
  • for DNS hostname control
  • TSL Encryption for the DNS hostname such that webcam access is not prohibited by browser

Challenges We ran into

  • Extremely difficult to navigate AWS for the first time as none of us have used it before
  • AWS costs money!!! We did not realize that and got charged money
  • AWS Kinesis is more geared for use by corporations with actual funding and money, especially for streaming data.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Successfully integrating parts such as AWS EC2, Kinesis Video Data Streams and Signaling together.
  • Creating an end to end consumer-centric solution that actually works and is interactive
  • Overcoming challenges such a hosting problems, networking, and port issues.

What's next for WorkouTGT

  • Expand business model
  • Work on connecting more users easily
  • Expand to mobile apps
  • Generate revenue by - storing data on AWS S3 - Target subscription services - Target business partnerships

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